Methandienone Anabolics

As I have already said, it is hard to give you figures as to how much carbohydrate is required, as we are all so different. But as a general rule for any bodybuilder who is trying to gain muscle size and strength and does not wish to lose body fat approx. 4g of total carbohydrate per kg bodyweight, eaten regularly throughout the day, would be a good estimate. If the subject had a busy and energetic job, e.g. a builder, this figure may need to be a lot higher.

Before going any further let’s look at the argument of protein v carbohydrate in bodybuilding, which has got to be the biggest controversy in modern bodybuilding. Bodybuilders will say you’ve got to consume loads of protein to pack on quality muscle mass and increase strength. Dietitians and nutrition ‘experts’ say that you must eat a high carbohydrate diet, particularly complex carbs, to improve strength and size, and say that a high protein intake is of no benefit.

Who is right? In essence, both. Remember that we are bodybuilders and are therefore different to other athletes, who need to make complex carbs the basis of their diet. As I discussed earlier, few studies have been carried out looking into high protein intake and improvements in methandienone strength and muscle size and the results were inconclusive. Study design was poor, often only having very few subjects, who may be over-or under-training, other aspects of diet were often overlooked, and most were only carried out on novice weight trainers who may not know how to train correctly. Also, the topic of anabolic steroids is avoided which do increase demand for protein.

The problem in giving general advice is that we are individuals and therefore our requirements for different nutrients vary. If you are trying to gain muscle at the same time as trying to lose body fat, your carbohydrate intake will need to be reduced. If you are a beginner bodybuilder who is very skinny, your protein intake will need to be high but you will need to consume high carb foods regularly to gain weight.